Newbie to DVD copy

Hello to all;
I’m just starting to explore in backing up my DVD collection and I have several questions.
From what I have read in these forums - most seem to choose DVDfab I was thinking of getting 1click & dvdfab. The question is, do I need both?
The second question is, what is the best/easy lable program and where do I find ultra thin DVD lable paper? ( Iheard there is such a thing. I cant afford lightscribe so thats out)
Third - Anyone knows where to get the best dvd cover art?
Hope to get some good thoughts & thanks ahead of time.

You don’t need both 1click and the full version of DVDFab.

We do not recommend putting paper labels on dvds or cds. You might want to look through this thread:

If you want fancy labels you might want to invest in an ink-jet printer capable of printing to dvds and cds. The printable surface disks are slightly more expensive than regular ones though.

Cover art:

An option for you could be, Posts #67 to #74, but please also read Post #78.