Newbie To DVD/CD Burning....need Lots Of Help Please!



Ok Heres The Deal I Recently Purchased A Hp Computer…im Running Windows Xp And Using The Burning Program That Came On It (recordnow) Now My Cd Burning Problem Is This: I Burned Two Cds One With 9 Songs And One With 16 Songs On It, Both Made Up Of Songs I Gathered From My Personal Collection (not On The Computer, Taken From The Actual Music Cd), The One That Had 9 Songs Was Fine But The One With 16 Songs Was Cutting Off The Last 30 Seconds Or So From Some Of The Songs. Theres That. Now On To The Dvd Burning…i Tried To Copy A Movie Using The Same Program (recordnow) And It Told Me That I Could Not Make A Copy Of This Movie B/c The Dvd Wont Allow It…i Tried Several Movies And They All Told Me The Same Thing. Is There Some Way Around This?..moving Right Along…i Made A Data Copy Of An Mpeg I Had Stored In My Comp Onto A Dvd Disc Again Using The Same Program, It Completed Successfully And I Removed The Disc And Went To Test It In My Dvd Player…it Didnt Work…i Than Tried To Use It On My Ps2 And Again It Didnt Work…but When I Inserted It Back Into My Comp And Tried To View It Via Windows Media Player It Worked…i Dont Know…i Know Im Rambling But Im Kinda Frustrated Considering I Have This Very Expensive Machine And I Cant Seem To Do Anything I Purchased This Thing To Do…the Dvds I Was Trying To Write On Are Teon Dvd+r 8x…could This Be Why They Are Not Playing On My Dvd Player? I’d Really Appreciate Anyones Help With This. Thanks Alot People…sean “eastwood252”


Hi, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
lets try to take these problems one by one…

  1. It’s odd that it’s missing 30 seconds from some of the songs, you have to remember that it’s not the physical size of any MP3 you have, but how long the track is for, when you reach 70 minutes you cannot have any more on. Try again and just have 15 tracks and see if that helps.

  2. Most commercial DVD’s will not let you copy the movie because of a protection called CSS. When recordnow sees that the DVD is protected then it stops you from copying. Have a look for a program called DVDShrink (Google it) as this is the best way to get around all of that and it shrinks the movie down so you can burn it on a normal single layer DVD.

  3. Most DVD players wont play MPEG or AVI files as they are looking for a proper DVD disc. If you look at the layout of a DVD movie in Windows Explorer then you will see that the menus, movie and sound are all in seperate files (and have fairly strict guidelines on the type of video and sound they will accept). You need to get DVD authoring software to change these files over for you. Have a look at for some ideas on what’s out there.

Hope this helps and good luck!


thanks a lot i will try all these suggestions…appreciate it…