Newbie to downloading a musiic video



Hi I am Debby and I arrived at this site as I just want to download a music video, specifically the new video that Sheryl Crow performs with Stihg-“I was always on your side” from her new CD Wildflower. I siimply want to download it and while I am computer literate in many ways I simply cannot find out the answer to this. Pay or not pay can’t find it–during a search I was directed to this site but after a brief review I still am no smarter for what should be a simple thing…I have been downloading songs for years but this is a video I really would like to download. Ok, you said there were no stupid questions but I have my blonde moments. I want a simple solution and certainly there must be one but the blonde cells are iinterfering in my thinking.

Thanks everyone.



Hi Debs,

If the videoclip isn’t available on the interweb that’s gonna be pretty tough to download indeed. Why not try and mail the record company that recorded the Sheryl Crow videoclip. perhaps they can send you some video’s or offer a dvd with her videoclips on it.

After some googling i found out that the iTunes webstore sells the music, dunno if they sell the videoclip as well, but that’s probably only for iPod owners :slight_smile:


It looks like it is avalable (maybe for free) on aol music. Try one of these links.