Newbie to burning backups of games



Hi I have a kenwood true-x drive and a hp 9100i(latest firmware). Could I use clonecd to burn things like unreal tournament and soldier of fortune?

i have tried to use serials that i have found on the net and all of the regfixes and the thing still does not work…

Help please!!!


Some games are copyprotected, and you need a crack to let them work, these cracks can be found at or


check out first to see about the compatibility of kenwood cd-rom with cloneCD.

if it reads OK there, download cloneCD demo from whereever you want and check out if it works for you.

if it works OK with you - buy cloneCD. it is one of the rare programs worth to buy, even at that price.

if u still feel not convinced after trying the demo version check out to download an older version of cloneCD + temporary key for evaluation purposes.

if u don’t get it up+running u are either trying to use a too new cloneCD version (late v2.0.4.1 or v2.0.4.2) and/or have not erased ALL reg & ini entries of a previous cloneCD installation.

registry: look for “elaborate” keys -> erase; look for “magnacarta” -> erase “zzzzzz”.
win.ini: look for cloneCD entries in win.ini -> erase.

should do. if not - i told u: buy it!