Newbie to back up playstation and pc games

A newbie and i really enjoy this site,but what program’s if free do i need to back up my playstation and pc games i can do my music and dvd’s with nero no problem as i said i am new to this so any help input by the vast majority of people would be much welcomed and all advice will be taken on board :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

PlayStation discs are copyright protected, so you better first make sure you can use the “fair use policy” or have the right to make a backup. Now that the legal mumbo jumbo is out of the way we can go on.

PlayStation discs can be read and written by Alcohol 120% or CloneCD if i’m not mistaken. They can also make a backup, but that backup will not play in a normal PlayStation. Why? Because the PlayStation only accepts original discs.

If you want to actually use the PS backups on your PlayStation you are required to modify your console in such a way it will actually read the backup. This is called modding and can be established by installing a mod-chip in the console itself. Naturally all warranty is void and you must make sure you have the right to purchase and install a mod-chip.

Have you one of the original brick like consoles or a nice slimline one?

This website is a nice place for tutorials on how to backup ps2 games:

Thanks,it’s the slim line model looking around for the mod,is the alcohol a free program?clone cd?download or to buy this product.

You buy after 30 days

which do i buy?

Just try them first!

My next advise will be to give me all your money if you don’t start practising/researching. :slight_smile:

Good to hear your using a Slimline PS2. Go check out Its what I use with my Slimline PS2 and its fantastic. Not had a problem with any game yet. Im playing Double Agent at the moment but in the past I played NFS2 & Most Wanted, BLACK, RESI4, Tomb Raider and many more without a problem. I use DVD Decrypter to back-up my games and so far so good plus its a free program :slight_smile: