Newbie stupid media question

I just got the NEC 3540 OEM. Installed, no problem. Went got some Memorex 16x -R. Doesn’t seem to work. So I looked up the NEC site, seems like their recommended media list is either Verbatim or Fuji. okay, I will go get some. But I have a question. +R or - R? I intend to use these DVD to back up some movie I have. I have the Toshiba SD3950 as a DVD player. I looked up it say DVD - R is the media to play. But I have a Memorex +R that I have played in it and it is just fine. Shall I get +R or -R for movie backup?


I use 8x -R media in my NEC 3500 and it works very well-

If you use Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell it will work very well - the Memorex 16x is iffy at best IMO-

Only purchase the Fuji that say “Made in Japan” on the label!!


Mike, problem solved. I burned the Memorex 16x -r at 8x speed and it works fine.

hey man. your 3540 is oem so it has no cables. from where did you get the 80 pin cable to plug into your 3540?

You can get them from almost any computer store some may be cheaper then others.

CLICK HERE for some at Newegg. Just look through and find what you want.

Had a free bay at my computer. All I did is switching Master and Secondary. But should be able to get the cable at any computer store.