Newbie stuff... (nero?)




i just bought a new LG H10L last night (i wanted lightscribe)

i’ve had cd/dvd burners in the past but haven’t had too much luck with them. i’ve always used the accompanying software (and have had used dvd decrypter but usually not with good results)

soooooo last night i also bought nero 7 ultra edition. i haven’t opened it yet… cuz i’m trying to figure out if i even need it?

i just found ripit4me on this site and have downloaded it.

i’m kinda of rambling…

cut to the chase:

what do i need to be successful in burning back ups of my dvd’s and making cool lightscribe covers?



Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Others will be able to advise you about software, but I’ll just tackle the LightScribe questions for now (great drive BTW, I have the external non-LightScribe version) :slight_smile:

First, you’ll need the LS system software - get the latest version from here. After you install this, Nero should recognise the LS abilities of your drive.

You can also play about with the Extended Label Contrast Utility to get better results.

Here’s a thread in our CD & DVD Printing forum which should help you get started. :slight_smile:


thank you arachne!

UGH! i’m having ISSUES! i made a back up copy of one of my workout dvd’s… no problem… so then i tried to make a cd on one of my lightscribe cd’s (just going to put pictures on it) but the drive won’t recognize that there is a cd in it! even tried a non-lightscribe cd and same thing! did a system restore back to yesterday… same thing!

what’s going on? yikes!