Newbie: sound settings in CloneDVD?



I´m trying to clone a DVD using CloneDVD2 for the first time, but it’s still in the yellow area, so I’d like to reduce it more…
I don’t know much about the sound settings… can you guys help??
(It’s for playback on an LG DVD-recorder)

In sound settings I can minimize the final result by choosing between 2 or 6 channels (or both)… also I can choose between PCM/2 or Dolby AC-3/6 (or both)… what should I choose in the various sections??

Here’s a screenshot–>


this thread may help

basically AC3/6 is usually the main movie

AC3/2 is usually director’s commentary

DTS takes up a lot of space and is useless if you can’t play it back on your speakers.

PCM takes up the most space and I’m not sure what it’s for.

if you have dvd shrink you can preview the audio for reference (right click in the preview window to switch to and preview audio tracks) then make the correct selection in clonedvd2 (they will be listen in the same order). clonedvd can not have this feature because of licensing fees that must be paid for playback of Dolby material.

also the audio streams in any palyback software (powerdvd, vlc, etc) are usually listed in the same order when you right click to change audio as they are with clonedvd2.

if you’re unsure if you’ve made the correct selection, output to files or image then palyback from your hard drive to double check before burning and wasting a disc. if it’s correct then just use clonedvd2’s “write existing files” option to burn. if it’s wrong, just delete it.


if it’s still in the yellow after all that you could split the movie onto 2 dvd’s by using the scissors icon under the preview window of clonedvd2.


NO worries… I chose 6 channel Dolby AC-3 the whole way through (except in two cases, where PCM was obligatory)… perfect!!!
Already love this program!!!
Thanks for your help, guys :wink: