*NEWBIE* - Some DVD's Still Don't Work

I just setup a new Windows MCE 2005 computer and installed anyDVD to get around the problems playing some dvd’s. It worked for most of the DVD’s I played, but I just found one that it still won’t allow to play and I’ve tried everything I know.

I tried starting in “safe mode” and checking for driver conflicts, but nothing. Still getting copyright error. The first part of the dvd plays, but then stops when the menu should play and get the error.

The funny part is this is for some stupid Yoga DVD of my wife’s, but I’m in big trouble because she now can’t watch her DVD like she could on the simple dvd machine. She’s starting to hate my awesome new MCE… please help!!

Any ideas I should try to get anyDVD working for ALL DVD’s?


P.S. I’m using latest version

ASUS P5P800 motherboard
3mhz P4 processor
ATI 9800 Pro (128)
WD 36gig 10k rpm Serial ATA HD
Hitachi 250gig Serial ATA HD
Sony DL DVD Burner
AverMedia TV Tuner Card
WIN XP MCE 2005 (xp sp2)

Try some basics first.
1-In AnyDVD, within the DVD tab, make sure the default Region is set to your region.
2-Under Navigation, uncheck the box to remove annoying adverts and trailers.
3-Under the Program tab, make sure the language is set to automatic,
4- Still under the Program tab, uncheck all boxes EXCEPT enable AnyDVD.
5- Create a shorcut on your desktop to start AnyDVD, the file is in:
Program Files\Slysoft|AnyDVD\AnyDVD.exe
6- Reboot your computer, click on the AnyDVD shorcut, and see if the DVD plays properly, if it does not, uninstall AnyDVD, then re-install it to see if that works.

Quite frankly I think the problem lies with that specific disk since you say others play normally. It’s not one of those overseas one bought on Ebay is it?

Thanks for the feedback and I’ll give you suggestions a try first thing.

I’m almost positive it is just the disk since I have played 20+ other feature films on it and there are no problems. It was just some DVD my wife picked up god knows where so she could do Yoga at home, LOL. Just has me concerned that others may pop up that don’t work and don’t want it to be while trying to watch something more important.

Side Note: The dvd does work in the old standard dvd player, so it’s nothing strange from overseas.