Newbie seeks writer information

before I start my apologise for posting this but
I was looking in the fourm and came across some very disturbing news my writer that I thought was the dogs B***cks is not as good as it seems Plex 16x10x40a in that it cant make backups of disc which have laser lock as a protection is this right ???
I am about to chuck myself of a bridge having saved to get this writer it would seem that it is a pile of junk!
so what I want to ask is is there any way that and I am sure I will have one making a back up copy of a disc with this copywrite included??? and can someone point me to a site where I can learn more about this copywrite I also believe that there is another sort of copywrite that the Plex cant handle is all lost???
thanks for any help

An excellent resource is the CloneCD website. Here are the things you should look out for:

-Best Supported Write Mode : RAW-DAO96
-Buffer-underrun tech
-Correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns (for the SafeDisc 2 protection)
-Best supported Read Mode for Data: RAW+96
-Best supported Read Mode for Audio: RAW+96

The list can be found here:

Here’s a tip: if you cannot find a drive that can do all of the above make a combo. Here’s an example:

The ACER CRW-1610A (Atapi) can write everything but it’s a poor reader. For this you could use a different unit like the TOSHIBA DVD 1502 (Atapi) which can read everything. This combo together can read and write all protections!

Greets and goodluck