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Hello All,

I am very new to this game (backing up dvd’s and whatnot), and was told to come here when I needed help. First Let me introduce myself. My name is Doug, and I really enjoy collectiong DVD’s. ATM I have exactly 262 DVD’s (All of them are Store Bought, I have a few VHS Transfers but I do not count them as part of my collection.) Let me also mention to whomever reads this, that If you too enjoy collecting DVD’s be sure and check out a program called DVD Profiler, it is easy to use and very helpful (although the forums there seem to get violent from time to time). OK, enough about me, onto what I need help with.

I am wanting to back up the trailers on My DVD discs to my first I have a series of questions on the matter.

1.Is this legal?, all the trailers I will be backing up or on DVD discs that I own

2.Can you please list any/all programs I need (preferably freeware, but would pay for a good product, but please dont forget I am a poor boy).

3.Is there someone I can find step by step instructions for these procedure?

Thank you,
and I hope if you help me, maybe in someway or another I could help you.

  1. Yes, it’s legal to backup your disks.

  2. You want to rip the DVD trailers to your desktop, but not the main movie? You could probably do it with DVD shrink and a DVD to AVI program, but i’ve never used them for that. If you use the search engine then there should be a few threads about DVD conversion to avi files.

  1. It’ll be here somewhere, if you can’t find it after a bit of searching just bump this thread again.

Step by step guides here, plus links to the apps too.


Various guides on this forum as well:-

Thanks for the help guys,

The program DVD Shrink works great for letting me select the trailer files only.

I am using a program called DVD-TO-MPEG (used DVD-TO-AVI but picture quality was terrible), but DVD-TO-MPEG seems to be working right except for one small problem, when I play the file back, it moves at a very fast speed, almost like it was recorded in fast-forward or something?


You may want to check out the AnyDVD program-

You can download a 21 day full featured free trial

If you decide to subscribe - they provide free updates that keep pace with the recording industry - and the subscription is a lifetime one (theirs - not yours :iagree: )

Happy Burnin’