Newbie scan of a RIDISC disk

Just looking into quality vs value for when I buy some DVD’s and I scanned some blue Ritek dvd-r 8x to see what it showed

According to this scan they are terrible ? These disks have not failed me really, been using them for a year.

Just interested in peoples views of the chart so I can better understand all this stuff

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Actually this scan seems a real coaster. Too bad pioneer drives are not the most reliable drives to do scans.

Anyway I give you a suggestion: next time is not necessary to save all screen: you can save scans pressing the little button as in pic; the best option is to save in PNG format :slight_smile:

I seriously doubt those are Ritek, actually I know they aren’t Ritek don’t do blue topped. RiDIsc do and these are not a Ritek company or brand name.

Isn’t TTG02 a TDK MID?

Doesn’t look too good, but as Geno pointed out, Pioneer isn’t the best scanning drive. :slight_smile:

If you’re using those discs regularly, I’d get a good scanning drive (BenQ or LiteOn), and scan them regularly :slight_smile:

Yes but RiDisc also use TTG02 I know I have some of them.

Gotcha, yeah I’ve seen that MID on Datash*te discs also.

With RiDisc blue it’s a crap shoot between G05 and TTG02.

geno it’s a common nickname for datwrite, though unlike Arachne, being the lady she is, I don’t bother with the * I have been able to say the sh word since I was 11, the only boy not punished for swearing in school.

Hehe :bigsmile:…sorry everybody, sometimes I just can’t resist :bigsmile:

I never used a RiDisc in my life…just never came across them - not even in my local small PC shop which sells Datawrite, Datasafe etc :eek:

Yes sorry but I confuse Ridisc with Ritek. They are Ridisc.

So apart from fakes are all MID tagged disks basically the same under the branding/label colour.

I have a TDK 440N drive also available, any better for scanning prehaps…

The disk above is not a coaster, it contains just a simple cartoon that autoplays on the Panasonic DVD player ok, no errors that I can see but the image quality is simple anyway.

Thinking of buying some DAtawrite Mach4 dvd-r in a minute, cheap but look ok quality

If they are Ridisc, could they be B grade or lower quality?

Don’t touch them if they’re Infodisc, as the ones my neighbour has are :Z

And the disc above could play on your Panny because it’s reading it at a slower speed?

Don’t think about buying datawrite, infact avoid them like the plague. THey are a cheep third party seller buying whatever they can cheap to sell on they even label b-grasde or lower media as a-grade.

I’m in total agreement with that one. I learned my lesson just after I got my first burner - not a single disc, no matter what MID, has survived.

I have used their G04 discs and have had no problems with them and all are still readable and give decent scans. Though I now have a large number of Verbs to get through so can’t say what the quality is like now.

Kev yes they can, but grading has not set industry standards as such yet, though my rule of thumb is if it says “A-Grad” on the case take it with a pinch of salt.

I’m in total agreement with that one. I learned my lesson just after I got my first burner - not a single disc, no matter what MID, has survived.

You’ve already seen one of my Datashites scans, though I must scan a few others, still alive, but not a risk I would take now.

Anyway this scan is not completely reliable.

Can you ask to a friend to do a scan with a liteon or a benq drive? Or also with a plextor :wink:

I have seen it - be good to see how the others are holding up, maybe in a couple of months’ time :slight_smile: :eek:

As for scanning with the TDK drive…depends, it might not support scanning, but then it might do if it’s a rebadged BenQ or LiteOn…

The auction price for the Mach4 went above retail value :rolleyes: so I didnt bother. I saw a scan on here of one that looked good…

You’re buying your media from an auction site? :eek:

Are you in the UK? Why not try ?

I’ll give them a go thanks.

I tried the scan on the TDK and it says not supported so :frowning:

The scandisk tab shows all greens for a year old burnt ridisc. On the Pioneer for the other Ridisc newer DVD it showed mostly reds and yellows, so its most likely not reliable like you say.