Newbie? Re-auther 4:3 to 16:9

I am pretty new at this, I have built up quite a collection of dvd movies. I was using software such as cucusoft, and pretty much all of my movies have the black bars at top and bottom. I have since been doing some browsing and have downloaded just about every software title known to man, since through all of my travels everybody has a different way to download, convert, encode and burn. I am know pretty much using dvd2avi w/eec 2.67 g-spot, bsweet and d2sroba. I am wondering if I can rip my movies and change to a 16:9 aspect ratio? And also the best way to convert dvix movies after I download them.
newbie canman

In Ds2Roba/DVD2SVCD you set the output size to Anamorphic if you’ve got a WS movie. Then the conversion will give you TV widescreen.

Now many movies are , maybe, 2.35:1 so to see the whole width of the movie you’ll get black bars top & bottom. This is very normal.

Thanks, I guess my question is since I have been using Ds2Roba/DVD2SVCD I have been setting the aspect ratio. Is there a way to rip and author the ones that I burned previous with other software programs? Aso the article that I have been using as my guide is dated 12/06/04[B] [I][/I][/B][I] is there a better way to do this now? Sorry I dont know how to make that a hyperlink~~~~Maybe someone out there can explain how. Thanks, nebie canman

Here’s a useful link for ripping back from DVD to avi. Look here .

To add hyperlinks , Go Advanced. Then place the mouse pointer over the various icons available. When it says “Insert Hyperlink” you’ve found it. Click & follow.