Newbie questions

  1. My drive is a newly purchased LITEON DVDRW SHM 165-H6S, but when I run nero cd-dvd speed, it says the disk i burned is recorded by a Sony DW-G121AHSOE

  1. I thought this burn was a really good burn, until i read somewhere over 800 total PI failures is crap. Is this true?

  2. I have another dvd burner, but in my newbishness I flashed it incorrectly, then panicked and started flashing it with other benq firmware. It now only successfully burns cd’s. Is there anyway to fix this drive? I dont remember the original firmware at all, all i remember is that it was a norwood micro “rebadge” i got from compusa.

That’s a great burn, you have nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

I don’t tend to read much into PIF totals, more how they’re spaced and whether there are big clumps or not. You have a PIF maximum of 2 which is great (specs for LiteOn drives (1ECC scanners) say a max of 4).

Maybe DrageMester or someone can give you a more detailed explanation. :slight_smile:

As for the “Recorded by Sony…” bit, that’s normal for LiteOn drives and -R media. :slight_smile:

Can’t answer the 3rd question, sorry. Hopefully someone else can. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, it’s good to perform a TRT (Transfer Rate Test) of the disc. :wink:

  1. It’s not uncommon to see it as a Sony drive like this , don’t worry. My Philip 1660P1 , which I flashed back to a Liteon 1635S shows as a Sony.

  2. That burn is OK considering the media you’re using isn’t the greatest. And forget about that 800 figure for PI failures. It’s more what the peak that they reach that’s important.

Some here get rather too consumed by these figures & are aiming for perfection with every burn.

What’s important is that it reads & plays fine & lasts. Try a Transfer Rate Test in CD-DVD Speed. If you get a nice smooth graph then there’s no much to worry about.

Edit: Arachne beat me this time. :bigsmile: