Newbie questions about XVID to DVD

Ok… What I dont understand is that NeroVision Express is taking up the entire 4.5GB to convert one 0.7GB XVID movie to DVD.

I was hoping I could fit like six 0.7GB XVID movies to 1 DVD. Is there any way to do this? Or am I a wacko? Can someone explain? I dont mind XVID quality on my DVD player. I just want to save space.

There are probably some things you can do to improve that a little like extended play settings etc. You might also want to try making it too large and write the image to hard drive, then use recode to compress it (haven’t tried that yet but I am going to sooner or later). In short though, even doing things like that you probably won’t get more that two on a disk (depends on how big the files are). Thats just the way it works. The files have to be converted to dvd compliant files which are going to take a certain amount of space for so much video, period. Thats why nero has nero digital (mpeg4) so you can get more stuff on a disk. Nero is trying to get companies to make dvd players nero digital compatible (I think thier may be one) but untill they start making dvd players that can play xvid and stuff like that you are only going to get so much video on a dvd that will play on a standard dvd player.
Its kind of like mp3 and standard cd format. You can get 100 songs on a cd in mp3, but even if the source is mp3, if you convert them to normal cd format, you are only going to get 15 (give or take) songs on a disk period.

Ah! I like that analogy of MP3. It makes sense. Thanks for the reply.

Btw, I burned 6 XVID AVI’s on the DVD. I just found out that my XBOX Media Player can play from the DVD… YEHEY!! Only problem is I have to wait for it to cache the movie to the XBOX HD (about 3mins) before it starts.

Yea, I just found out that there are a few regular standalone dvd players that will play xvid and stuff like that too. Most won’t though. I seem to be having problems going to thier site again to get the exact link but you can go to and click dvd players on the left colum to find what various dvd players will play. I think I might have to look into getting on if there is a cheao one. An x-box is a little more than I want to pay right now. Looks like about 300 of the 5000 listed will play some form xvid/divx.