Newbie questions about firmware



Hello all-
I have a unique situation and I hope someone here can help. I hope you all can bare my ignorance in this matter. I am definitely treading into uncharted waters. I have little choice.

I don’t really want to leave a long post, but I want to give as much information as possible so someone here can better answer my question.

I have a drive that came with my camera. This makes it very specific. The drive enclosure contains two laptop drives and a controller configured in a RAID 0. I’m beginning to hear clicking sounds coming from the drive and I know it will soon be in need of replacing. However, I’ve contacted the camera company and they no longer sell these drives. To pour salt on the wound, they also will not provide support. I even offered to install new identical drives myself and send it to them to install the firmware. Again, they refused.

From what I understand, the firmware on the drives is tweaked by the camera company because the firmware that originally came on the drives will not perform to optimum capacity. Furthermore, as I understand it, the camera company has written something else into the firmware that tells the camera to only use these drives with their firmware tweaks. In other words, I cannot simply pop in new drives into the enclosure and expect it to work.

Finally, on to my questions…

1)Would it be possible to extract the firmware from the existing drives and copy them to new drives?

2)I’ve heard rumors that each drive is unique in it’s firmware tweak. If the answer to #1 is yes, how should it be determined how to make those tweaks?

3)Is there someone in the San Francisco bay area willing to take this on?

Camera: RED One made by RED Digital Cinema.
I believe the drives are 5200 rpm Toshiba, but I’d have to open the enclosure to be sure.