Newbie questions about DW1620

Hi everybody!
I just bought a new DW1620.0C1 (bulk OEM). It’s manufactured in August 2004 and came with firmware B7C9. I’ve a few questions before getting started.

[1] The drive came with a 40pin IDE cable, should I use it or use another 80pin cable? (since I’ve a spare 80pin HDD cable that came with my motherboard and I’m going to install the drive on Seconadary Master along with my old Samsung SW-252B CD-RW as slave)

[2] Should I do a couple of test burn’s before updating the f/w for the 1st time? or is it OK to update directly?

[3] I think I should be able to flash with “B” f/w’s directly without having to “crossflash” since the drive already came with B7C9, but which f/w version is the best to use? (B7P9 or B7T9?)

[4] Which is the best method to flash? use the CmbFlash (.exe) utility provided by BenQ or WinDWFlash + .CVT?

[5] If I were to use the “B7P9.exe/B7T9.exe” method, should I first flash to B7L9 before going to B7P9/B7T9 as somebody mentioned in another thread? and is it necessary to run it in windows “safe mode”?

[6] Which Nero version is best for the drive? or or

First of all, they sent you a RETAIL drive if it has “B” firmware on it. Congrats!

  1. Use the 80 pin cable.

  2. Whatever you want. I’d personally just update to B7T9 right off the bat because you’ll want to do test burns with the new firmware anyway.

  3. Go with T9.

  4. Use the .exe.

  5. Go directly, and not necessary to do it in “safe mode”, although it’s a good practice. Make sure you disable your antivirus if you decide to do it in other than safe mode and don’t do anything else while it flashes.

  6. That one I can’t help you with. I’m using an older version myself, but only with DVDShrink. Otherwise, I use the RecordNow 7.2 software.

My View

  1. 80pin

  2. I went to B7T9 before even burning (and I started off with G based firmware)

  3. Go with T

  4. Exe

  5. I have never used safe mode, as long as your system is 110% stable you will not have a problem

  6. Use or 6.3.x.x, I used 6.3.x.x before came out because the early 6.6’s had some big bugs for me but should all be fixed now

Thanks for the valuable answers guys! :slight_smile: coz I’m a first time buyer on DVD writer.

Now I’m ready to try a couple of test burns…