Newbie questions about benq 1650DW



i just bought a benq 1650DW! and i have some questions about it

  1. can this drive burn dvd-r formats? is this drive dvd-rewriteable?
  2. what’s the difference between dvd+r and dvd-r which one is better?


The BenQ DW1650 can burn both DVD+R and DVD-R in both single layer and double/dual layer variants. It can also burn the re-writable versions DVD-RW and DVD+RW. It can also burn CD-R media.

DVD-R and DVD+R are two competing formats backed by two different organizations, but for most purposes they are equal.

The DVD+R format has some advantages over DVD-R when it comes to burning multi-session discs (see this article) and the DVD-R format has an advantage when it comes to recording anamorphic 16:9 video on standalone DVD recorders.


Hi, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:
Some basic advice:

Make sure that you buy decent quality discs, don’t go cheap with media, it’s false economy. In most cases very cheap/budget media won’t burn well, and even if it does the disc’s dye will degrade much faster than good quality media. Also beware of fake media. If the price is too good to be true, then it most probably is. I’d recommend for you to look up your writer within this forum, read and learn the basics BEFORE you start burning, ask questions and other users will reply. Trust me, you will be saving yourself from a lot of hussle if you first learn the basics of burning/ripping/scanning.

When you burn a disc make sure you don’t have many programs running in the background. It’s best to burn under minimal system load conditions, which means that its most probably better not having antivirus running in the background, or downloading large files, or having too many windows open when you burn. Make sure that the data you want to burn resides in an unfragmented and relatively fast hard disk. Any memory-intensive or CPU-intensive background application can interfere with the burning process, especially with older/slower computers with anything less than 1gig of RAM, so you’d better leave the PC alone until the burn is complete.

Finally, here’s a decent article regarding media quality. Make sure you read before you buy:

A lot of us learned the basics the hard way, via trial and error. A very costly way to learn, so explore this forum, and learn b4 u burn! Good luck!


thanks a lot guys!


I also have some adittional questions:

I am now running the BCDC firmware on my 1650, with verbatim dvd+r mcc 004 media; good choise for best quality? (i think so… :wink: )

Should I download q-suite for any reason?

How should i test the quality of my burnt discs with nero cd/dvd speed (benchmark, disc quality?) and how should I interpret it…?


Yep, those Verbs are good, just make sure if you have to update the firmware not to go for the latest one (BCHC), as some users have reported issues with it. BCFC is the latest ‘decent’ one, it was available only on the Chinese BenQ website, do a search for it within this forum and you’ll find links. BCDC is good enough anyway, if you’re happy with it don’t change it.

QSuite is great because it allows you to access and modify advanced settings on your burner like Overspeeding media beyond its nominal speed, Solidburn and WOPC, so it’s good to install. Just make sure you familiarize yourself with its functions before changing any settings. There have been many postings regarding QSuite and its functions in this forum, it’s all here, just search for it.



Thanks a lot! :wink:


When he says Cheap disc, he means low quality disc. I can see cheap disc at a very high price if it is not on sale. To be Safe, buy anything that is made in Japan because most of Japanese made discs are very good quality, and Buy Verbatim Brand if it is not Japanese made. And made in India discs are pretty good too. Since you are fairly new, stay in this circle then you are safe. The media go on sale every week so look for Verbatim, SONY/MAXELL/FUJIFILM/Others that are made in Japan, And SONY/MAXELL/FUJIFILM are not always made in JAPAN so only buy the spindles that are Made In Japan. And House brands like staples and office depot or office max are not always bad. Some of the house brands are made by the same company as of Verbatim, and some are made in India and indian made disc are very good. Hope this little guide will help you in your media selection.


Stupid question perhaps, but can’t find it anywhere…;

where can I download the latest version of q-suite?



Also browse around the Faq


I agree, however a novice user won’t always discern the quality on such media unless he/she learns the basics of quality scanning. In my view it’s probably best for a new user to stick with high quality media, at least until basic comprehension of burning/scaning processes is achieved. And lets not fool ourselves, most ‘house’ media is not good (at least to my limited experience), and it takes a lot of test burning and scaning to discover which cheaper/house/budget brands one’s burner ‘agrees’ with. I didn’t go into detail about Japanese media etc, as this info (and a lot more) is already provided on the given link…