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Hi I´m a bit lost here ´nd I´m new…I tried to install Clonecd 4201 the other day and I got a strange error"installation verification failed"(or at least something like that)What does that mean?I have 98se and aspi 4.60 through force aspi,Please??

You should try to update your ASPI drivers

try to remove and reinstall ccd…

well i use ASPI 4.60 with windows xp and have clone cd installed and i get no problems at all.

well most of you dont want to hear this but i HIGHLY RECOMMEND u CLEAN INSTALL windows 98/me/2k/xp. as you are alot less likely to get problems with your pc… especially if it has been like over a year since you formatted and installed windows.

p.s. i tend to clean install often, probably more than is nessesary (like once every 2-3 month) but i still recommend u do it atleast once a year espescially if you got a older version of windows like 98/me since they are not stable to begin with…

well anyways about the clone cd problem… does it even work right now? or what cause if it does then it is probably fine, if not then i would try uninstalling it and reinstalling it.

but the first thing i would do if i owned your pc i would format and clean install windows 98 :slight_smile:

good luck :slight_smile:

pretty sure clone cd dont need aspi. try downloading clone again and see if that works

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“installation verification failed”
Re-download the latest CloneCD version from the official homepage here and re-install. slayerking is right: CloneCD has its own ASPI-layer. Does that work?

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You should try to update your ASPI drivers

No he shouldn’t. 4.60 is the latest version that works on win98se.

sorry for the reply then;
Another thing I know of this excellent forum :smiley:

…or try dl 4202 and install…just did and it´s a gogo!
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