Newbie Question



I just downloaded DVDfab its my first try of backing up my DVDs.

On the Full Disc menu near the bottom of the screen there is a Quality rating by compression is there anyway to gain more of a Quality rating or would one notice the difference. Any input would be great.


depending on which version you have there are different options. if you have free version dvdfab hd then you can only do main movie or full disc. main movie would allow for the highest quality percentage. if you have dvdfab platinum then you can use customize to select which titles you want and use advanced title settings to select chapter ranges.

please read the official guide:

compare platinum and gold:


A lot depends on the size of the TV you want to watch them on. I can’t tell much loss around 70% or more on my 47 inch. There are varying opinions on this of course. I don’t recommend changing the settings, they are set to keep you from writing too near the outer edge of the disc where there is a greater chance of errors.