Newbie Question

I recently purchased a phillips 3390 recorder. My question is when i turn the recorder off to standby it kills my signal going to the tv. Does this happen just with this recorder or is there another that will allow the signal to pass trough when it’s off. Got it hooked up with A/V cables. Quality is pretty good just hate having to switch channels back and forth. Also would like to have automatic recording that would go up to about 2 1/2 hours this one will only go to 90 min. Another question is i been looking at the panasonics do they allow the signal to pass when off also i’ve read sometimes they won’t allow to record from HBO’s or Pay-Per-View. Right now im not having a problem with this on the phillips. Sorry about the long post

Pass through is with RF connection not AV.Using AV going to standby will kill the signal. Recording HBO… depends on the source some protect some do not.