Newbie question?

Im in my 21 day evaluation period with CloneDVD2 after switching from DVDfab. I like it!

Got a question if you can assist.

It seems you have to manually select Dual Layer for movies larger than 4.75gb. I copied a 6.6 gb movie and put in a Dual Layer disk with the setting at DVD5 by mistake. It compressed the movie down to 4.538 gb on the DL disk. DVDfab gold would tell you how big the movie was so you could decide whether to use a 4.75 disk or a 8.5 DL disk and if you put in a DL disk, it would automatically switch to the size disk in the drive. (That’s the only good thing about DVDfab…lol)

CloneDVD seems to only have a color bar. Red, yellow and green. How low (%) on the color scale can you go and still get a good quality movie before you need to use Dual Layer? I use Verbatum disks and the 4.75gb disks only cost about $.30 each as compared to $2.00 for the DL disks.

Thanks for your reply.

I never go below 80%. And that only with choosen movies. Otherwise, I split the movie in two DVD-R´s which are much cheaper then one DL Disc (as you said) !