Newbie question..?

A bit of a novice at this please so excuse my lack of knowledge

LDW 851S is no longer recongnized by my (XP Pro) system

A bit of minor troubleshooitng thorugh device manager, checked/reset connections & swapped positons with CD drive …no help

Looking for XP related issues, no help

New error msg “insufficient termination on se connection” since

CD drive is recognized & functional

Any ideas, assist, etc very much apprecaited

Happy Thanksgivign to all

San Diego

Are you saying you have a separate cd drive?
If yes, when you swapped them did you reset the jumpers on the 2 drives as to which is master and which is slave or do you have them both set as (cs) cable select?

Before you swapped them what was the exact problem? Could you still see the drive in the device manager and your explorer window. Before you swapped them could the drive read any discs dvd or cd?

Yes, seperate CD drive (1 CD & 1 DVD RW )

Reset jumper on DVD RW to cable select yesterday …no joy

Current/original settings CD drive jumper set to master

Before swap, orignial problem was could not read disks in DVD RW drive or see explorer

No probelm with CD then or now

Many thanks