Newbie question

I’m thinking about buying the 3500, but just have a few (newbie) questions before i buy.

I understand the concept of bitsetting (inc firmware requirements), but how do you turn it on/off for this drive once the firmware is installed?

I read some drives can write to media faster than the rating (i.e. Can write at 12-16x on a 8x DVD) Is the 3500 capable of this from the box or does it need flashing?

(Any advice about best types of media available in the uk grately appreciated )

You will need a modified firmware to use bitsetting on SL media. Liggy’s Binflash can flash and make the bitsetting changes required. Also the new version of nero CD-DVD speed can also change the booktype.

The NEC will overspeed quite a few media’s straight from the box. In the UK, Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000T02 and Verbatim MCC004 will both burn at 16X with good results.
A good vendor for these is here

Thanks for the media link :slight_smile:

Am i right in thinking that once the firmware is applied, all DVD’s burnt from the drive will be read as DVD-ROM?

I read the bitsetting article on this website. Did i read correctly that it only works for DVD+R/W and DL?

I notice from your sig that you also have the Benq-DW1620. I am undecided between the 3500 and the 1620. Which do you think is best?


The 3520 is now available in the UK - sometimes cheaper than the 3500. :confused:

I have a 3500 and use 8x Taiyo Yuden and 8x SONY08D1 media to burn at 16x with official 2.18 firmware - and the Sony media is only 32p per disc. :cool:

The BenQ 1620 (and re-badged cousins) is a good drive too. I shall be adding one to my stable for its reading and scanning abilities.

The LG 4163 is also worth considering - it is easily the fastest dvd burner at the moment, and is one of the which does dvd-ram also. I have an LG 4120 which has performed well.