Newbie question with my benq1620

:confused: I ordered an benQ1620 burner. My computer has a SATA harddrive, so is it ok to install my benq1620 as master on the 'primary IDE"? Im not sure because all my other systems had an IDE harddrive and not a SATA. Id appreciate any help and thanks.

Hello Mark,

On my setup, i am using an MSI Motherboard together with a Maxtor SATA-150 HDD. My BenQ 1620 is conected as the master (without a slave), on the primary IDE channel.

Although I am not an expert on the subject, I want to confirm that I am using this setup for almost 5 weeks now and I NEVER had any problems (slowdowns, failures, costers etc. ) with the BenQ1620 :slight_smile: .

Good luck with your installation,

Hp. _

I have my system on sata and Benq on master secindary

Works anywhere u put it

Thanks, what media are you using to burn?
What firmware are you using?
Also, did you keep the factory firmware or flash to another one, if so which one?

I am using latest “T” firmware. What is your current firmware, is it “G” or “B”?
Doesn’t matter, you can flash direct using WinDWFlash and CVT file.

I find that for best movie playability that Taiyo Yuden +R 8x burned at 12x and auto bitset to -ROM are the best (also the most expensive). I also use Verbatim +R 8x (they give me a better burn but aren’t as playable in all players as Taiyo are).

Take everything with a grain of salt, each burner may burn different media better or worse than other BenQ 1620’s and all media is not the same (they will vary on the spindle).