Newbie question - What is DVD video format?



Sorry if this has been asked a hundred times already, but I’ve done a search in the forum and not found anything to clearly answer my question.

Just recently purchased a GSA-4163B drive. Am in the process of getting some blank media. Have an opportunity to pick up Verbatim 8X, spindle of 50 for $25.00 CDN after $35.00 CDN rebate. Both -R and +R are available.

Want to back up movie dvds. My stand alone player (JVC XV-N40BK) states that it will play: DVD-R, DVD-RW and +RW discs written in the DVD VIDEO format and finalized. It will not play DVD-RW written in the VR format, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-AUDIO, PHOTO CD and SACD.

Assuming I use something like DVD Shrink, DVD X Copy Platinum, and the -R Verbatim DVDs, will they be considered as DVD VIDEO formatted discs?

Appreciate any assistance. :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thanks in advance.



For hints you might consider browsing for copying DVDs which I found very helpful to get into copying movies.
And yes, with shrink you will do a “copy” of a DVD and it should run on your player and will be a normal video DVD.