Newbie Question -- Video Quality

I think I may already know the answer to this question, but I’ll throw it out since I’m a newbie and hopefully one of you pros has a solution.

I have a Kodak Easyshare camera that has a video mode. It records MOV files at 320x240 and 24 fps. The videos look great on the camera screen or on the software that came with it. So anyway, I made a compilation of the videos I had from the camera and burned them onto a DVD. However, the videos when played on a full television or computer screen are very grainy and blurry. So I’m wondering is there any way to keep the quality of these videos when they’re blown up to full size?

My guess is no. I’m guessing that the quality is compromised by the resizing of the video. Is that right? Or is there some solution?

Will converting the videos to some other format (AVI or MPG) help? I tried exporting to a different format through Nero, but it didn’t really help.

One other problem. About half the videos I burned came out very choppy. They play smoothly in Nero and in Quicktime. Has anyone encountered this?

Thanks for any input.

unfortunately, the garbage in, garbage out rule applies.

video recorded at that low a resolution will not look right on a television screen.

I have no idea why camera manufacturers decided that video would be a useful function on a digital camera. The only thing you can really do with it is watch it on the camera or on your computer at such a small resolution.

you can’t create quality where there was none to begin with. unless some other cdfreaks have some crazy tricks up their sleeves to minimize the crappiness, there’s really nothing you can do.

I agree with “reasonotrules” …garbage in, garbage out saying applies here. Because resolution of the recording is so coarse, the larger the viewing area, the more crappy artefacts you’re going to see. I don’t think there’s anyway of cleaning up the picture…I don’t think that even an expensive media transfer service with their correcting software could make a difference. I’ve tried this myself…didn’t work…sorry… Buy a reasonably inexpensive miniDV camera…you’ll be so happy you did!

You guys have, unfortunately, confirmed my suspicions. I am going to look into a MiniDVD camera. I have an older Sony video camera (analog) which works great, but we haven’t been using it because the Kodak was so convenient, but now I suppose I’ll go back to it.

Any suggestions on good equipment to transfer analog video cassettes to digital format? I’ve seen Dazzle on sale, but reviews on the net are mixed.

Thanks for the replies.

I haven’t heard of "Dazzle"and so I can’t offer an opinion on this program or package. At home, when transferring analogue tapes to digital media I have the luxury of using two methods.
Method One
Using a cheap Chinese DVD player/burner (which, in Aussie dollars cost me $180…about US$150…I connect my video player to the DVD unit via either SVideo or composite video (yellow plug) plugs and push “record”…as simple as that and the results are usually excellent.
Method Two
I bought an inexpensive external video capture unit from my local Aldi supermarket (AU$120)which connects to my pc via usb. It also has the same plug inputs and using Ulead’s video -editing software, does a fine job of ana-digi tranfers. This method also allows greater editorial control and also means that you don’t need to install any cards into your pc. I have seen a number of external capture devices like mine offered in other retailers. If you live in the US doubtless there’ll be some huge electronics outlet store that can help you, regardless of what method you decide to use. Hope this helps.

I believe Dazzle is an external video capture device as in you method two. It is made by Pinnacle Systems:

The methods I understand, but was wondering whether it was a good buy or not. Can you tell me what capture unit it is that you use?

Thanks for the help.

Your guess is wrong. The video is of poor quality - small and grainy. It’s just that small screens are very forgiving when it comes to hiding poor quality.

Sorry Ballabosh…sleep intervened and so did my lousy flu! The unit I use is a generic product rebadged by Aldi (do you have them where you live?..German supermarket chain…really cheap) under their Medion trademark. Quality as compared price is excellent. There are heaps of units, branded and unbranded, out there. The Pinnacle unit you speak of sells here…it’s just fine, according to my friends. You could also check out units by Wintek or Avermedia, to name a few. The cardinal rules are, what software is bundled with the unit, how connectable is it, and can you afford it?
Ulead software is great…most of the big vendors stuff is okay. You can even download freeware video conversion/capture software…just zip through the freeware sites and have a look…also check reviews of the software on forums before you download.
I still reckon that for price and convenience you ought my method one, as above.

Stroppy, as always (especially with this flu…aachoo! :Z ) :slight_smile: