Newbie question: Sony DVD+R wont play on HT


First time here. Already have found some great info. Thanks.

Backed up my first DVD using AnyDVD and 1ClickDVD. Used on sale DVD 50 pack from Staples of Sony DVD+R. Backup of The Transporter happened without incident. However, when I went to play the DVD, it would not play in my Magnavox DVD player, but played fine on my PC.

Is this the media, the Magnavox player, an option I missed? Ideas…

I appoligize if this has been covered before. Doing a search of the forums was giving me an error.


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Not sure what drive you have, but if you have bitsetting ability try setting it to DVD-ROM, then try another disc to see if that helps.

Drive is NEC 3550A.

Where would I find the Bitsetting options? Player properties, software?

Is it common for DVD+ and - to only work on certain players.


Have a look in the NEC forum for Liggy&Dee’s firmwares with bitsetting support

Use BOOK Type ROM or Auto in Nero and you will be ok! Mine play fine in all my Sony players and all I use is +R media! But bitsetting is a good plan if all else fails!

ROM setting

Is magnavox a cheap brand? There are a few brands of dvd players which tend to be quite picky with their media.

Try some high quality TY media, if the book setting doesn’t work.

Thanks for all the sugestions.

Upgraded my firmware to the recomended Liggy&Dee’s and now everything plays great!

I appreciate the help.