Newbie Question Regarding Getting Started with the burning process




I everyone. I am a newbie as you can see from the obvious lack of knowledge regarding getting started with burning dvd :confused: . I recently bought an OEM NEC 3520A and I have the enclosure ready for it to be installed in. I bought it without any particular software. I know it’s stupid to ask this, but I was wondering where do I need to go to get my drive set up? Sorry if these questions are off topic for the forum, I thought I would try here first before I go over to the NEC forum to ask. I would greatly appreciate if you guys could provide any tips or steps that you need to set up your OEM drive. Once again thank you in advance for all the helps, and hopefully I’ll be able to gain tremendous knowledge from this forum. :bow:



What’s the setup of your PC?


To backup DVDs, use DVD Shrink in combination with DVD Decrypter to burn the DVDs. CDBurnerXP and DeepBurner are both free mastering softwares that work good for most basic burning tasks like making audio CDs, and Data CDs and DVDs. Good Luck.


Can you provide links to download these programs?, thanks


#6 is probably the most used burning software.