Newbie Question Regarding Game DVD Images



I like to make images of the game disks, save them on my hard drive, and then mount and play any game I own without having to worry about having the disks on me. I have yet been able to make a perfect image of a protected DVD game.

Is it possible, using Alcohol 120%, to make a perfect DVD image? If not, is it possible with any software?

I didn’t see anything regarding this in either the FAQs or a quick forum search so my apologies if it has already been brought up.



It is very possible to make a perfect DVD image on your hard drive. It works best with movies. Games are harder to make images of because of various copy protections. Some DVD games you can make images of without problems, some you have to follow special guides to be able to make, and others can not be made as of yet. Alcohol has given me pretty good success with making DVD images of games but it is not flawless. Most new DVD games will be very hard to make images of. However, I have had success making a working image of BF2 which I thought would be next to impossible so it is worth looking into.