"Newbie" question Re: Burning CD's


I am a definite “newbie” as I’m just figuring out how to burn CD’s (I used to get my kids to do it for me!) I’m sure my question is very, very basic:

I have two CD ROM machines (Lite-on LTR-24102B R/W, and a Sony CDU5211 read only). Burning software is Nero - Burning ROM version 5.

I want to make multiple copies of a CD that a sound engineer made of our band. The master is eight tracks with .cda extensions. I successfully made several copies but they will only play on some of the machines in my house (OK for DVD player, ghetto blaster, and LTR-24102B - “No go” for home stereo, and Sony CDU5211).

Am I doing something wrong? Are there some settings I need to change?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers,


It’s likely that you’re either trying to burn the copies too quickly or that you’re using poor quality cdrs. Try burning at 8x using whatever cdrs you’ve got and if that doesn’t fix the problem then get some better quality cdrs.

I got a couple to work at 8X and a couple still didn’t. I’ll pick up some top quality CDRs and give that a try. Is there a brand and/or certain technical attributes I should look for?

Many thanks,


Depends on what’s available where you live. Downunder, I mostly use Verbatim data life plus (super azo) which are excellent (but make sure you don’t get plain Verbatim data life cdrs coz they’re c**p).

Mitsui gold, if you can find any; any cdrs made by Taiyo Yuden in Japan; Tdk for data silvers (don’t touch tdk golds though, they’re c**p too); and, if you can still find any, Kodak gold or ultima silver/gold are all very high quality cdrs.

If you let us know where you live, I’m sure someone from your neck of the woods can tell what the best quality cdrs generally sold in your area may be. :slight_smile: