Newbie question re: Autobitsetting patcher

Howdy y’all,

Quick question: I know that the autobitsetting patcher is used to make all DVD+Rs burnt on my Liteon into DVD-Roms booktypes rather than DVD+Rs. I know the advantage of this is that it increases the chances of the DVD being playable in certain standalones and things like an X-Box.

My question is: what are the disadvantages? In other words, is there any reason anyone shouldn’t set their default booktype to DVD-Rom? I use my 401 to make dvd backups (mostly) and backup data/files off of my PC.

Thanks for any help.

Howdy :slight_smile:

My question is: what are the disadvantages?


Edit: After further pondering, perhaps the only possible disadvantage I can think of would be that a DVD-ROM drive might see the disc as a DVD-ROM instead of a DVD+R, this could cause the drive to read it at higher speeds then rated. (for example, lets say the DVD-ROM drive is set to read DVD-ROM at 12x and +R media only at 6x to avoid reading errors)
Some people actually think of this as an advantage because if you use high quality media it should be able to read at 12x with no real problems. Plus most DVD-ROM drives will slow down if they encounter problems reading the disc. So it’s a pretty negligible disadvantage (if any) I just wanted to come up with something! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the help. I’ve been curious about changing my booktype to DVD-Rom for awhile, but I thought there just HAD to be a disadvantage I wasn’t considering; otherwise, why doesn’t everyone just change their defaults to DVD-Rom, too?

One last question: I’ve already burnt numerous DVDs (movies mostly) as DVD+Rs. Is there any way to convert the booktype of an already burnt DVD+Rs into a DVD-Rom? Thanks again.

No it’s write once and can’t be changed once written. A DVD+RW can of course be changed later to DVD-ROM.

I have heard of an instance where a disc set to DVD-ROM would not play, where the same burn with the booktype set to DVD+R would play. This was probably typo though. I can’t see any disadvantage to setting the booktype to DVD-ROM as the default.

Well any drive that will read it at that high of a speed will be in a computer, and I was always under the impression that you can’t fool computer drives, they can identify a burnt disc whereas standalone devices don’t know the difference when it’s booktyped to dvd-rom.

Most that know about it do. That’s one of the reasons why auto-bitsetting was created. Since people are burning all the media as DVD-ROM anyway it was becoming a pain to have to open up the tool every time. Sometimes people would forget to do it and end up wasting a disc because they’d have to re-burn as -ROM. So it’s easier to just make a firmware change so you don’t have to bother with the tool anymore. In essence the booktype tool is just always on. :smiley:

I’ll start by mentioning the fact that there are two things a DVD burner can use to identify a disc; the media type & the bookytype.

Normal DVD+R disc
Media Type: DVD+R
Booktype: DVD+R

DVD+R disc bitset to DVD-ROM
Media Type: DVD+R
Booktype: DVD-ROM

DVD burners are the only devices that can read the media type which is why they can’t be ‘tricked’. They see the media type as DVD+R and use it to determine which speed to read the media at.

DVD-ROM drives (as well as anything else that is not a DVD burner, ie set top players, PS2, Xbox etc) on the other hand can’t/don’t read the media type. They can only see/use the booktype to determine what the disc is. All they see on a bitset disc is the DVD-ROM, so that’s why they can be ‘tricked’.

@Ssseth: Point well maid.