Newbie question - Please help

Hi all

I am creating some DVD’s using my NEC 3500AG DVD Burner.
I am currently using stock firmware.

I need to be able to burn DVD’s with the DVD-ROM book type. I use DVD Decrypter which has the ability to do this, but everytime I select the option in the settings, DVD Decrypter pops up the message “Failed”.

Do I assume that is because I need to flash the firmware to enable this?

I’ve looked on this forum and am really confused. (Told you I was a noob).

If the firmware DOES need updating , could somebody please recommend a firmware that allows the book type to be set to DVD-ROM. And if possible, the flash utility you need to do this.

I’d be HUGELY grateful if someone could help me here.

Thanks a million.

you will need a firmware that allows the booktype to be changed, check out Liggy and Dee’s website

Just read about BINFLASH on that site.

Do I understand it correctly that all I need to do is use Binflash to change the bitsetting, and not actually need a different firmware?

This Binflash has an option to change bitsetting on the GUI interface.

Am I getting the wrong end of the stick here?

Thanks again.

you will still need to have a firmware that allows bitsetting and then you can use Bin flash/DVDDecrypter etc to change the Booktype.

This Firmware version has the usual media speedups and full bitsetting. in addition this version has RPC1 and versions with RIPLOCK removed and RIPLOCK enabled.

Thanks elfdood.

I will use that firmware you suggest and use BINFLASH to load it on then.

Thanks for all your help. The noob can get really lost with this stuff!!

You’re a diamond geezer!