Newbie Question: Please Help Me Get Started

If I’m in the wrong forum please forgive me and point me in the right direction. I’m trying to get started backing up my DVD’s; what is the simpliest way to make it happen? Of course if there is freeware out there that can get the job done I’d like to go that route. But, if the best way to get quality back-ups is to pay a little money then I can do that also. Thanks in advance for any assistance you may offer!

William Bush

Welcome to CDF William.

There are guides etc in this forum which make useful reading.

Personally I tend to use DVD Shrink (free) to rip & compress my DVDs to a single layer (4.7GB) disc. Whilst this app is no longer being developed it still does a very good job. It overcomes some older protections but where necessary I use AnyDVD ($) to remove protections & rip with DVD Shrink.

If doing a backup to dual layer - no compression needed - then I’d rip with DVD Decrypter (free) to an ISO image and burn with ImgBurn. This retains the layer break which keeps the playback as smooth as the original. Again AnyDVD might be needed.

For dual layer media consider only Verbatim DVD+R DL.

Thanks for the quick response! How will I know if I need to use AnyDVD? Are these software programs user friendly? I guess what I’m asking is, will the user interface lead me through the process step-by-step? Also, is it best to use the single layer disc or is the dual layer backup better? Thanks in advance!

1st we need to know some more info to see if your burner,media,and machine is set up correctly.

What brand/model burner do you have? What is the Media ID (MID) of the discs you are using? If you have Nero you can use CD-DVD Speed to find these.

Also info about your machine would be nice. Processor speed. Amount of RAM. Hard drive space. Is your drive (if IDE) running in UDMA mode etc…

If your machine,burner,and media are not set up correctly you won’t be burning much of anything.

For most modern DVDs AnyDVD will be necessary so it’s usual to have it running all the time.
DVD Shrink is quite user friendly but there are plenty of guides around if you find it not so. Same applies to DVD Decrypter.

Most DVDs under 2hours will compress perfectly well to a SL disc once extras , subs etc are removed. However, if you’ve got a large LCD/Plasma TV and/or DTS sound equipment then you might be better using the no compression route & DL media.