Newbie question on protection

Hey all,

I have a question about how to find out what protection a cd has?

is there a way on Alchoal or is there another program?

Thanks in advance tryst

Use ARay Scanner

G’day mate and welcome to the forums.

We CD Freaks find copy protections by physically inspecting the Disc (As some protections have physical signs on the Disc, Ring Protech has got a Ring on the outside, LockBlocks has 2 rings in the center, Some older SecuROM games have a Sony DADC logo on the Disc, Cactus Data Shield 200 has a ring on the outer part of the CD and LaserLock I think has a ring near the center.).

But for harder protections to detect and if we want to find the version numbers, we use a protection scanner. A Good one is A-Ray Scanner. Give ya CD a Whirl with it and find out what it is protected with, if it’s protected at all. When you find out what is protected with, you can choose the correct profile in the burning software or you can tell us and we can help you out more.:slight_smile:

Good Luck!!