Newbie Question on Plextools


I just bought the 716A. Do i need to have plextools running to use the autostrategy feature and how does it work ? Do i have to scan the dvd`s to add them to the media list ? Are the speed settings like switching dvd-video from 2x CLV to 6-16x CAV reverting to their original after closing plextools ?

THX for any help

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[ol][li]No, you don’t need to have PlexTools running to use the AutoStrategy (AS) feature of your drive as it’s controlled by the drive itself. However, via PlexTools you can perform AS tests to check your media before burning them. If you don’t do this the drive will determine the best write strategy before starting the actual write process. I have found that the more you write a certain disc, the better the write quality.
[/li][*]I’m not 100% sure but I think the SpeedRead option of the drive can be saved via the PlexTools software. I believe the option is called “Save setting to drive” or something. Once you’ve done this SpeedRead will remain enabled.[/ol]

THX for the quick reply.

So i only have to set the speed options once and then i can close plextools forever (except for scanning DVD´s) ?

I am not 100% sure about item 2 but I think you could. Remember though, PlexTools can control a lot more than just SpeedRead. It also controls all other features of the drive (VariRec, PoweRec, SilentMode, GigaRec, SecuRec, etc.). Anyway, just try it. Save the settings to your drive, close PlexTools, reboot, once the OS is loaded open your drive and insert a DVD-Video disc and start Nero CD-DVD Speed for example and do a read speed test (F2).

Ok it works.

The next question is how can i disable Powerec ? When i switch it off in Plextools it reverts to ON. I have disabled it in Nero Burning ROM where it stays disabled but i`m not sure which one shows the real setting.

Nero Burning ROM can control PoweRec as well. When you burn with Nero it will override the drive’s default setting (which is set to enabled). So, by default PoweRec is enabled but when you burn with software like Nero you can choose to override and disable it. If you want to disable PoweRec using other software you will have to keep PlexTools open (with PoweRec disabled of course).


Now the hopefully last question ? Why can i burn my 4x dvd`s with only 4x speed ?? Nero only shows 4x and i cant choose anything else. wanted to try 8x on them…

Not all 4x media can be burned at 8x… It’s limited by the drive and not by Nero. Nero only reports what the drive tells Nero. You can check the available write speeds for your media using PlexTools -> Media Info. For a supported media list you can check out this link. Have you already installed firmware 1.03? Generally the newer the firmware version, the better the media support.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I finally burned a DVD at 4x but it doesnt show up in the Autostrategy Database. Is there something additional i have to do ??

If your media does not show up in the AS database, it means that your media is supported in the drive’s firmware. The AS database will show un-supported media only, such as CMCs media.

THX that cleared it up…

just to follow …

Has anybody an idea about this situation …

When I do a “Media Quality Check” using an “not supported” media XYZ in order to record an entry fot it in the AS Database
does it have in any influence having have Powerec on or off ? (these 2 settings appear even in the same window of Plextools)

I mean does it affect the “characteristics” of the write strategy that are stored for the corresponding entry of XYZin the AS Database.
Something is stored in the 8MB buffer of the PX-716A at the end of a “Media Quality Check” in order to be used for the coming burns of this XYZ media ? Does PoweRec on or off affect this data ?

Thanks . . .

I believe the PoweRec and AutoStrategy will both influence the writing strategy, especially with the ones in the AS database.