Newbie question on media?

I asked a question about CD-R media over at the Newbie Forum and got it answered ASAP (thanks), so I’m moving a followup over here where it belongs.

I know the Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs … along with a couple of other brands … are rated very highly here and elsewhere. Could someone fill me in on “why” and “how” they’re so good?

Basically, in the short time I’ve been burning, I’ve primarily used the TDK 16X discs that come in packs of 10 or so with slimline jewel cases. I’ve also used a few of the Memorex 24X discs with the white labels on them.

I have no idea of the origin/manufacturer/etc. of these discs. I do know that I have not had a one fail to burn, nor have I detected any problems when the discs have been played afterward.

Ten or 20 years down the road? Who knows? I do take care of my discs, they’re all stored in jewel cases and unless I just happen to be taking one some place for a specific reason, they never leave my house or are exposed to sunlight because I don’t have a CD player in my car and am not likely to any time soon (they get stolen quite often where I’m at), and who knows if the world will still be here 10 or 20 years down the road, the way things are going (LOL).

Basically, though, I know I need to start buying discs in bulk spindles if I’m going to do serious burning.

All I can get at local retailers are the usual “name” brands … Memorex and TDK, which as I said I’ve personally used, along with Sony and Maxell, which I’ve had some people burn stuff on for me and, again, haven’t had any problems with; occasionally I’ll see some Fuji but not very often … and the cheapo stuff like Imation and K/Hypermedia which I avoid.

I just wanted some specifics/details/etc. about the performance of the Taiyo Yuden and other highly touted brands to see if it’s worth my trouble and expense to try them. Thanks!:cool:

Let me follow up my own followup briefly:

  1. Right now, burning speed isn’t that big a priority with me, although that definitely could change if the pace of my burning picks up. I’m more concerned about performance … effectively backing up data and producing audio CDs that sound good … and about durability than I am about burning at 40X, although I’m certainly not going to pass up outstanding quality media if it’s high speed. Neither am I going to pass up outstanding quality media if it’s only 16 or 24X. At the moment, though, I’m content with it taking as long as it takes to burn what I need to burn, I don’t have any trains to catch or anything.

  2. I’ll try to focus the question about Taiyo Yuden quality down to one thought … I’m no cheapskate, I’m willing to spend money for quality, but are they so much better than the “name” brands to where it would be worth spending just for shipping, not counting the price of the discs, about what it costs for a spindle of 50 Memorex discs at my local retailers to get them? (That’s what I’ve found so far on the Web; if anyone knows of a more economical source please advise).

I agree, I don’t care if they don’t work in 20 years. I like Taido Yuden cause they are good, always. Never any C2 errors or something like that, as long as you burn at certified speeds.
However, they are so expensive, I don’t buy them. I often buy whatever is the cheapest.
There are CD-R’s that shoudln’t have hit the streets, for instance some CD-R’s (okay it was a long time ago :)) I’ve seen who litteraly fell to pieces. You didn’t even have to do anything to them, you could just sit and look at big chunks falling to the floor…

The thing about TY is that you always know what you get. They ARE good. If you buy a Memorex spindle, who knows, they might start falling to pieces…

If you do a search you will see that the opinion on what is good and not are very different from person to person…
But if you see a guy called “OC-Freak”, read his words carefully… :slight_smile:

Following up again, I needed some discs ASAP so I shopped around today instead of buying the Memorex 50-spindle for $4.99 at Office Max that I mentioned in the thread on the newbie forum … and found a 50-spindle of Japanese-made Fuji 24X at RadioShack for $14.99. I’m going to use those for my immediate needs, but I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to try out the Taiyo Yuden. Can anyone point me to some good deals on those? I’ve found several sources on the Web with the discs themselves at reasonable prices, but the shipping seems to be a little steep. I guess 100 discs weigh a good bit though.

BTW, I made my first coaster last night with one of the TDK discs … which were Taiwanese, I found out. That was one out of 20. Of course I was trying to do something a little funky with my burner … I had a string of wav files and was using some of Nero’s dehissing, declicking, etc., filters on every one of them just as an experiment … and that could’ve been the problem, although a better disc might have handled it.

Since you live in the US, Best Buy this week has 100-pack Fujifilm CD-Rs, which are genuine Taiyo Yuden discs, on sale for $9.99 ($27.99-$18) after rebate plus tax. You can also order them online with free shipping. In the past, I’ve also found TDK and Memorex CD-Rs made by TY, but they are disappearing fast. Just look for made in Japan on the package. The key is when they are on sale, then stock up.