Newbie question on chapters



I suspect this has been answered, but I can’t find it. If I want to use “just movie” mode in DVD2OneX, is there a way to tell what information is contained in the various files that show up? So that I copy the right stuff and not the useless info?

Also, can several of those files be selected, or only one?

Thanks for helping out this newbie!


Welcome aboard!:slight_smile:

You should always rip every file, even if you only intend to make a movie only copy.

Incidentally, your ‘subject’ mentions chapters. They will still be there - the chapter points - in a movie only copy, but the chapter menu will be missing. You will have to jump through chapters sequentially, backwards or forwards, using the prior/next controls.



Thanks for the info, Pete. But if I rip all the files, but only want to burn the movie, does “just movie” mode automatically select the right files, or do I have to hand-pick them? And if I hand-pick them, how do I know which ones are right?

Thanks again.


Rip them all and let the program select the ones it wants. When you’ve got your copy and are happy with it, you can delete the ripped files.

I rip to one folder and transcode to another; it’s safer that way!