Newbie question on backing up blu-rays

After getting a bd player, I took advantage of the holiday sales and have bought a bunch of blu-ray movies to replace some of my favorites on DVD. From what I’ve heard, the blu-rays are much sturdier discs and less apt to scratch or degrade, so I’m wondering if most people are even bothering to back theirs up.

To all the blu-ray devotees out there, are you backing up your movies and if so, what’s your favorite method?

I also picked up a couple of large storage drives and was thinking at the very least, I could back them up on those. Any tips for doing it that way?

Any replies will be appreciated!

I find the easiest way to back up Blu Ray movies is to use AnyDVD HD. It breaks encryption and will rip the movie to the hard drive.

Many software players for computers won’t playback blu ray movies that are in file form. So I rip as ISO files (one of the options in AnyDVD HD) and then mount them in VirtualClone Drive, which is a free program from the same company that makes AnyDVD. I have used PowerDVD in the past for playback, but am trying out Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater 3 right now. Other than an annoying delay when you start it, TMT is working well with these mounted ISO files.

Blu ray movies take an enormous amount of room. Expect 30-35gb apiece.

Thank you for the reply, Kerry. Really appreciate you helping us newbie-types out.

It sounds like you may be backing yours up for ease of play, rather than for archival purposes? Or maybe both?

I lost a bunch of physical back-ups in the hurricane last year, but luckily I have many of them on an external HDD (SD DVDs), which was in a different location.

I guess my two 1.5T drives would fill up pretty quickly, huh? Do I need to format them first? The ones I got are WD Elements 1.5 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive WDBAAU0015HBK-NESN.

Hmm, I don’t know if they come preformatted or not LadyC. I haven’t got any external hard drives myself. They will need to be formatted in NTFS file format at some point.

I keep my ISO’s on one of my internal drives, but I also make backup disks. Since I don’t want to spend tremendous amounts for 50gb blank disks, I use the much cheaper 25gb ones. I’ve paid $5 apiece for BD-RE (rewriteable) disks off ebay, and recently bought some BD-R disks for $1.80 each from Newegg when they went on sale, so it is possible to find good deals on BD blank media but it takes a lot of work to hunt them down sometimes.

Many Blu ray movies won’t fit onto 25gb disks without either taking out extras, or compressing the movie. These require a little work to fit onto the 25gb disks, but can be done. If they need compression, you can use a free program called BD-Rebuilder. You can make movie only or complete backups with it.

If you only want the main movie [B]and [/B]it will fit without compression, you can use ClownBD. It is quite handy for those movies with seamless branching where the main movie is split among several M2TS files.

BD-Rebuilder can compress enough to fit the movies to regular dvds also, either single or double layer. These are still in Blu ray format, so they won’t play on a stand alone dvd player, and may not work in your particular Blu ray player either. Some Blu ray players are just picky about that.

BD-Rebuilder requires a very powerful computer and lots of time for encoding, in case you ever want to play around with it. It doesn’t include a decrypter, so you have to use AnyDVD HD to rip to the hard drive first.

To burn Blu ray movies you can use ImgBurn.

Hope that gives you some useful information about backing up Blu ray movies. Let me know if you have any more questions on it.