Newbie question - NEC 2510a Bitsetting probs



Hi all.

I am new at all of this but decent with computers…

My problem is I have an NEC 2510A (MadDog 8x blah blah) and I have updated the firmware to a couple of different versions and have never been able to get bitsetting to work AT ALL. I keep getting errors that my drive does NOT support this function in both DVDBITSETTER 2113 and DVDinfoPro 3.29.

My FW version is 2510A221.BIN and my computer is a 3.2GHz Prescott on an asus P4p800-e Deluxe board DVD burner is on the secondary as master… (not sure if anything else matters)

Please help me I have a bunch of things I need to back up and want to do it as dvd-rom.


You need to use a Mad Dog firmware (2.F8) or a firmware with bitsetting hacked in.
The NEC WinBtype application is used for bitsetting.
Read the FAQ for a link.


from scorpiosofts site:

Firmware	 Release Date	                         BitSetting
                     dd/mm/yy    	DVD+R	DVD+R9	DVD+RW
TDK 2.21         24/06/04	        ?          ?         No

so it appears the version you have does not do bitsetting.


Okay, well I tried updating the FW with the Maddog version 2.f8 with the winbtype also. However I burned a dvd after I thought I changed the booktype within the winbtype program to use dvd-rom instead of dvd+r and dvd-rom instead of dvd+rDL. The result of the Dvd using Nero (does version matter) was still dvd+r. :frowning:

Please help I don’t understand. I will also be searching the other forum group as I have just seen there is a group for firmware problems…


on the b type you have to make sure you are on the +r not the +r DL tab when changing booktype. for some reason i think you can only have one set as -rom at a time so if you have +r dl set to rom set it to normal first and then try setting SL to rom


I believe I may have changed both at the same time… So you are saying the default setting can be ROM for only ONE of the SL or DL?

I will have to check that. Prior to the 2.f8 FW I was not able to even get this far. So the help is so far so good. :slight_smile: