Newbie question-My backup disk can't play on DVD player

I have the NEC 2500A updated to 1.07 firmware. I use DVD shrink 3.2 to backup a movie in a DVD+rw. It’s a HQ DVD+rw 2.4x bought from Fry’s. I follow the DVD shrink guide from the I burn in book type DVD-rom. It went smooth without any error. I try to play in in my computer with Real player and Power DVD and it works good. But I can’t play in any of my 3 Dvd players. (Apex, Shinco and Panasonic). They play all the DVD+r, DVD+rw, Dvd-r and DVD-rw my friends made for me. I’m wondering is I did something wrong or it’s the media problem. Please help!

Try a differnt disc. Quality verys greatly.

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Yup, that and RW formats in general are less compatible.

I tried the same brand dvd+r. It works on my computer and all my standalone players.