Newbie question - memorex 48x24x48 to liteon 52x

I would like to reflash my Memorex 48maxx 48x24x48 to a Liteon 52x24x52. I read the faqs and other posts and I understand that that’s possible. Being new to CDRWs overclocking, I have some questions before I attempt this upgrade: does this kind of overclocking cause any harm to the drive AFTER the firmware has been succesfully flashed? I mean, will the drive overheat, be unstable or cause any other problems? Will its life-span become shorter? Will I be able to use ANY further firmware upgrade designed for the Liteon 52x24x52? Is this drive exactly a Liteon 52x with a 48x firmware? Thanks for the help.

Harm? no, these are all the same hardware.
You will be able to apply all future updates with the standard LiteOn Windows updater.

As far as anybody has been able to tell, the internal parts are the same (to reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs, they use interchangeable parts) but the firmware is different so that they can sell different speeds of drives in different price ranges.

Thanks for the replies! But I have another question: what about performance? Will the drive have really the same performance and reliability as the 52x model (no errors when reading/writing, same exact speed, same features)? Thanks again