Newbie question - master-slave and cable position?

hi all,

i just got myself a 48246s, and i have a bit of a n00b question.
I have it hooked up on the secondary ide channel as the slave, with a pioneer dvd 106s as the master. does the position on the cable matter? because the pioneer is at the end, and the writer is in the middle. the pioneer does not pause the system when discs are inserted. it’s on a via kt266a m/b (an Epox 8kha+), and in the control panel it says it’s running UDMA mode 2 (the dvd is on mode 4).

whenever i insert a new disc (any disc) into my writer, the whole system pauses while it accesses the disc (for about 2 or 3 secs) - is this normal? actually, it’s not pausing anymore now - i think it depends on whether you have that actual drive selected open in explorer, silly me :confused:




did you try our search first?;

How many hard drives do you have? If you got only one, movie the Pioneer over to IDE1 as Slave, HD remain as Master, then set the CDRW to Master on IDE2. That should solve your pause problem. But I’m a little bit more picky than that. I bought Promise ATA controller cards to add two more IDE channels to my systems, so every IDE device get their own IDE channel. This will totally eliminate the bottle neck factor, which causes pauses.

Try looking at the numerous threads here on this subject. You will find equal numbers of proponents for every possible IDE configuration. The correct answer is this: Set it up the way that seems right and test it, then set it up the other ways and test that. Every board and bus driver is different, as are the drives themselves.
My own setup is this, and this works better/faster than any other setup - ON THIS SYSTEM:
Secondary IDE is CDRW master and DVD-ROM slave. I can do 48x CD copies “on-the-fly” with this setup, but others cannot. I suggest you download and install the latest drivers for your board, I believe the VIA 4in1 is what you need.

i did actually do a search, but it brought back 23 pages and i couldn’t see anything relevant in the first few, so i thought it would be easier to just ask :(.

i can already do on-the-fly copying from dvd to cd. maybe i’ll just leave it alone. though i could dust off my promise controller and have another bash i suppose.

If you wish, put the HD’s on the controller card, then one CD drive on each main channel. But if, like me, you get max speeds on the secondary channel — why bother. LiteOn does suggest putting the CDRW as master and DVD as slave. The only problem I ever have is that while using one drive, if I assess the other it can cause a pause in the first one. If they’re both running on the same operation, (CD copy), there’s no problem.

any particular reason you suggest hds on the controller and cds on the m/b, rather than vice versa?

Many people report problems with the CDRW drive on the controller card, usually software issues.

duh i’m so dumb. of course, lol. i used to have a problem with my pioneer and my promise ultra100tx2. but i tried it out anyway today. pioneer detected fine by winxp, so was burner when on the promise. but nerfed when trying to use cd speed, etc. so i’ve put the hd on the promise as suggested, and the two opticals on the m/b.

can’t say i’m noticing a huge difference from when i had them running as master and slave, but what the hell. general opinion seems to be this is the ‘safest’ option.

What speeds are your able to do with CD copies? I use a test image file of 700MB and burn that to CDR to use for copy testing, use the same image file for testing regular CD burns.
You should ad another HD to that ATA100 card. :bigsmile:

Originally posted by facboy
…whenever i insert a new disc (any disc) into my writer, the whole system pauses while it accesses the disc (for about 2 or 3 secs) …

Hmmm… this happen to mee too. I notice it since this never happen on my creative cdrom… it seems like lite on took more processor than it suppose to be. The burn process running well btw.

I’d say you’ve got it hooked up fine. Disc recognition varies by vendor. I’ve had some Acer 40x drives that take about 30 seconds to recognize and access a cdrom. Other drives detect within seconds.

As far as drive hookup…a lot of people insist on having your optical drives on different channels…ie master or secondary. I’ve always had my drives hooked up this way: Hard drives (two) master and slave on primary. CDRoms (cdrom and cdrw) on secondary channel…cdrw ALWAYS as slave. I’ve transferred files over ICQ, AOL IM, browsed the net, and chatted while doing a disc to disc copy…that was when I had a non burnproof drive! I’ve always had this configuration since my K6-233 AT system. Not once have I had a problem.

Try upgrading from w9X to 2k/XP, that pause would be much lessen. Hard to say any cure, but LITEON is IMO master obssessed, so does many others.