Newbie Question: Making perfect copy



Right now I am trying Clone DVD2 and Any DVD. I would like like to make a perfect uncompressed copy from a DVD9 to two DVD5s. This has probably been answered but I can’t find it and the instructions on the Elby or Slysoft websites are not too clear. Thanks, Don


What I have to ask is the DL media the expensive that you can’t purchase them? That is the only way you would make a perfect copy or close to commercial press DVD. What kind of drive do you have? If you don’t have a DL drive this should be a good year to decide to buy a DVD+R DL drive. CloneDVD can only compress from DVD9 to DVD5 but I don’t think it can split a DVD9 to 2 DVD5 media. If you want to have the best quality it is either using DVD9 to DVD9 or DVD5 to DVD5 to perservue the media playback quality. Splitting you will have to somehow rebuild the DVD menu and that will take more time then just going from DVD9 to DVD9 or vise versa DVD5 to DVD5 media.


Thanks a lot for the info. I haven’t used DL media yet because of the price but now I will try it. I have a new Liteon burner that says it will burn to DVD-R9 and DVD+R9. Don


You can easily split the movie to two DVD5s with CloneDVD. Use the “sissors” function. Right click is your friend with this program.