(Newbie-question) Liteon LTD-122 - codefree?

Hi there!
I hope anyone can help me with this, 'cause I didn’t yet find the info I need! :rolleyes:

I’m searching for THE BEST WORKING WAY to get my “Liteon LTD-122”-DVD-Romdrive codefree!

I’ve downloaded a patch called “R1211.exe”, but the readme-file of this patch says, that it’s only workin’ in real DOS-mode. I’m workin’ with Win ME, and someone told me, that ME doesn’t have any REAL DOS-mode anymore - is that true? Wouldn’t it work then??? :confused:

Then I’ve heard of a prog named “RPCRST.EXE” … where can I get this one, and does it work properly???

So, if anyone has the same drive (mine is from MEDION) and has even patched it codefree: PLEASE HELP!

Sure ME got real dos mode! Just create a boot disk and boot with that.