Newbie Question: KProbe or Neroc CDSpeed?

Just like the title says, which is the preferred utility to use, if you have a Lite-ON drive? Which if using a non-Lite-ON drive, or does it matter?

I generally use KProbe…but CD-DVDSpeed shows jitter with most LiteOn drives which is nice to see.

With my BenQs, I tend to use CD-DVDSpeed.

It’s going to be one of the rare times that you will ever see me state this, Nero.

Hi :slight_smile:
K-Probe or CD/DVDSpeed if using Lite-On.
But you can also use DVDinfoPro.
The later allowing more variety of drives that can be used.
New kid on the block is the Opti Drive Control from the same author as CD/DVDSpeed.

You could also use OptiDrive Control.