Newbie question from inexperienced ripper - resizing a VOB file

Hello all :slight_smile:

I have used DVDshrink in conjunction with AnyDVD to rip a few DVDs onto one of my harddrives (the files are all still in VOB format) - now, I would like to resize the files to make them AT LEAST half the size they are now, bringing them down to approximately 700-900mbs a ripped movie.

Is there any easy to use program available on the market that people can recommend, that is moderately simple and easy to use, but with enough features on it to make sure the user has complete control over the size of the converted file in the end?

I think I’m pretty clear on what I would like to do here, and would appreciate any assistance in this matter. Thanks very much,


One of the best option to compress a movie up to 700 MB is to convert it into an avi.

You can use the free AutoGK and the free XviD codec, both excellent softwares. AutoGK is rather simple to use, and a guide is available here.

Keep in mind, however, that the more you compress a DVD, the worst is resulting quality :slight_smile:

If you want to compress the movie but don’t want to convert it into an avi, for what I know a good option is DVD Rebuilder, but this method does a complete re-encode of the mpeg stream, and this requires a powerful CPU and a lot of time.

You’ll need to state what type of output you want so that we can give you proper suggestions. geno888 has given two excellent suggestions depending on whether you want to convert to Xvid (AutoGK) or just compress the DVD video so that it’s still playable on all standalone players (DVD Rebuilder).

Another option is to convert to h.264 using AutoMKV, which has higher quality compression than Xvid. Note that both h.264 and Xvid are for the most part only playable on a computer unless you have a player that supports either of these codecs.

Please be advised that if you’re trying to compress DVD video down to 700mb, the resulting quality will be terrible. If you’re trying to squeeze a movie onto CDs, stick to Xvid or h.264.

Thanks very much for the assistance, geno888 and AZImmortal :slight_smile:

I’m looking to stick to xvid I’m thinking (that comes out as an .avi file, correct? All the xvid rips I’ve seen have been .avi) because I wish to work all this in conjunction with a program I use to convert .avi’s some other main file types to minimized mpeg4 for transfer to a Playstation Portable.

MKV is non-compatible with this PSP video converter program, so I wish to avoid that if possible. If I can keep the end file size ‘relatively’ close to 700mbs (as in, up to about 1gig if needed, because quality is important) and be able to play the file on computer (I have a crossover cable link to a TV) as well as convert onto my PSP’s memory card, WITHOUT being overwhelmed with complicated software, I’ll be very happy indeed :smiley:

Thanks again,

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Correct :iagree:

AutoGK allows you to set filesize, so you need only to select 700MB and wait for the encoding to be completed :slight_smile:

If your main goal is to convert to a PSP-compatible format, there are programs out there (such as Xvid4PSP) that will take DVDs and convert them directly into PSP-compatible h.264 with an mp4 container. h.264 is definitely the codec of choice with regards to the PSP because it offers higher quality with smaller file size.

Besides AutoGk as suggested,I’ve had very good results with FairUse Wizard for Xvid… :wink:
You might also give DVDFab platinum a spin , it converts to PSP and other portable formats…30 day free trial… :slight_smile:

Thanks guys I might check out those programs, but honestly I’m happy to convert to avi first (then backup to data DVD before continuing) and THEN transfer over to PSP at a later date, if the need arises.

AutoGK is an absolutely fabulous program, it does exactly what I’ve been after and is just the BEST :smiley:

So happy right now, thank-you to everyone for being a great help :bow: