NewBie Question for cloning Brian Lara Cricket World Cup 99 Edition

Just bought a Lite-On 48x.

I wanted to make a backup copy of my Brian Lara Cricket World Cup 99 Edition.

I haven’t cloned any copy protection earlier. This will be my first.

Any guides/tips for first timers like me ??? :bow: :bow: :bow:

Will using the Game Profile in CCD4 for reading & burning be enough or shall I use the profiles from this forum?

does the game have any protection?

i think the default game profile should be good enough!!

Haven’t used Clony XXL to find it but, read on this forum itself that it has Securom.

Also, a friend of mine had tried making a backup copy of his game but it didn’t work.

The game kept asking to insert the CD.

I’ll check with Clony XXL & post it here soon.

Clony XXL says that the Brian Lara CD has SECUROM OLD protection.

What should I do to make a backup of this CD.

easy, just download the profiles from the forum and use the securom profile.


Thanks, i’ll try it.

Originally posted by darshanjog
Clony XXL says that the Brian Lara CD has SECUROM OLD protection.
SecuROM V4 in fact. Game CD or SecuROM profile as suggested. From GCW:
SecuROM V1 : Forsaken Incoming Hexplore Frankreich 98
SecuROM V2 : Decent FreeSpace Heart of Darkness Max II Panzer Commander Team Apache
SecuROM V3 : FIFA 99 F.A. Premier League FM 99 Moto Racer 2 Populous 3 WarGasm War of the Worlds
SecuROM V4 : Alpha Centauri Brian Lara Cricket SimCity 3000 South Park SuperBike Silver Turok 2
SecuROM V5 : Brain Lara Cricket Machines S.A.G.A: Rage of the Vikings

Thanks FutureProof.

Will post my result soon.

I did a successful backup of my Brian Lara.

It is a big thing for me as this my first backup of a copy protected disk.