Newbie question:DVD template in cover designer?



I am a complete newbie so I hope you will be patient on my first day of posting. I just downloaded the latest Nero 6 upgrades. I want to print DVD case covers. For DVD case covers (not labels), there is only one template available (Kronenberg A4). I went searching for that brand of paper and all I could find were German sites.

I searched this site and others for information and it appears that this may be a problem for even more advanced users of the Nero 6 cover designer. I am about to give up on this software before I begin, and run to CD Stomper or Neato, which both manufacture the actual paper to go with each template on their own software. However, I would like to stick with Nero 6, because it is already on my computer and I paid for it.

Before I give up on Nero 6, is there a quick answer here? An easy way to find the right template and order the correct paper stock?

Thanks so much in advance! :confused:

p.s. I searched this site and found an old question (2004) similar to mine, and the answer was provided in a private, off-forum email.


Interesting. What brand of DVD Case labels did you purchase? Perhaps I can make a paperstock based on your paperstock.


The strangest thing just happened. I turned on my Nero cover designer and the only paper stock listed for DVD covers was the German product mentioned in my first post. I started to try to work with the German template. Then I went back up to paper select and voila, like magic, there were 4 other commercial options, DVD Case Insert A4 options, including Neato, PressIt, JP, and DataBecker. Wierd but good. :smiley:

Now I just need to decide which paper to order. :confused:

Hey, have any suggestions? Is one better than the other?


Rather than bury this question in this thread, I posted it separately in the newbie forum. Hope that is okay. :confused:


unfortunately, i have not had any experience with the different labels. Perhaps someone else can shed light on this.


A simple template that I can print on A4 paper, and then cut out would be great.

The OP asked about DVD case covers, not labels.