Newbie Question: ClonyXXL + Cd-Checks


i’ve burnt a few games successfully but, having never had the fortune of encountering something like SD2.51, i am still a bit of a newbie to the art of copy protection workarounds.

i have a question about cd-checks that i couldn’t really find an answer to on the boards and that is this:

since a cd-check does not reality qualify as a copy protection scheme, per say, i’ve found that clonyxxl doesn’t explicity detect such a thing (even though it has “cd-check” settings) and will, instead, only say “no protection or unknown protection”. please correct me if i am wrong on that.

for instance, i am trying to burn spiderman - the movie game, which has cd-checks according to a few posts on here, but my clonyxxl is showing no copy protection.

my question is, is it alright to go ahead and import the default “no protection or unknown protection” settings into clonecd for cds protected only by checks? i’m confused because clonyxxl’s “none detected” settings do not read the sub-channels or anything like that, whereas if you manually choose the cd-check settings, the sub-channels ARE read. so it would seem to me that you would HAVE to know if cd-checks are in place before you burnt so you’d know to read the sub-channels. short of checking sites like gamecopyworld, etc, how would you know then if your game had cd-checks since clonyxxl doesn’t explicity detect them?

what is more confusing to me is that most of the posts i’ve seen that talk about cd-checks seem to equate them really to no protection at all. which makes me think that reading the sub-channels doesn’t even matter then. :confused:

or maybe clonyxxl DOES show cd-checks after a scan and i’m just doing something wrong.

this is probably a stupid question with a stupid answer, but i hope it makes sense! i appreciate any help whatsoever. :bow:


Maybe this is not a protection…
Maybe is just a regular CD check 2 see if the CD is in the drive…
Trying burning it to a CDRW to see what happens :slight_smile:

this may be a stupid question, but what settings would i use to burn a game with only a cd-check for protection? i see lots of info on how to burn games with securom and safedisc, but nothing on just a cd-check. it would seem to me that you would burn it as you would a game with no protection, since the cd-check isn’t copy protection so much as a “is there a cd in the drive?” protection. any help appreciated!


The normal “Data” profile will do the trick :wink:

“CD Checks”, more often than not, turn out to be SeuROM new, SafeDisc 2 or just a CD Key - the CD key is used on-line & on networks so that only one instance of the game (ie the one CD Key) can play at a time. The trend at the moment seems to be be more and more CD Checks, but in terms of a CD key only, rather than some ATIP checking feature.

I recently burned Spider-Man The Movie with CloneCD.
I didn’t use any other software with it.
Works fine.
I use RAW DAO at 4X, read sub channels and amplify weak sectors (to set amplify weak sectors if in US: set regional settings to UK or another country other than North America or Japan, reboot, install cloneCD, set to amplify weak sectors, reboot, reset to US, reboot) it’s a pain, but it has it’s rewards.
Like I said the game installs and runs fine.

I’m no CloneCD proby any means, but I haven’t had many (any?) problems burning yet using these settings.


thank you for the response.

here’s two examples of what is confusing me.

two games – one older (indiana jones and the infernal machine), and one newer (spiderman the movie). neither game uses cd-KEYS, neither game shows any copy protection in clonyxxl v2.0.0.6, yet both games are listed as having cd-checks. infernal machine is listed as such on gamecopyworld, while i’ve seen a few posts here in the forum that said spider-man the movie had a “regular” cd-check or something like that.

i guess i am confused as to what constitutes a cd-check, and what parameters need to be set. on one hand it seems a cd-check is very simple and needs no advanced settings to copy. just copy the game normally using defaults. but on the other hand, clonyxxl wants to read subchannels in its cd-check profile. and i hasten to copy a game that shows nothing in clonyxxl, yet is listed as having a cd-check anyway.

i could be COMPLETELY WRONG here, but it seems to me like perhaps there are different levels of cd-checks. one kind is nothing more than the “please insert cd in drive” variety that MOST games have. no real copy protection, just checking to make sure a game cd is there, even on a maximum installation. but no advanced parameters for copying. just a regular data cd like softwareguy said. and i’d imagine then that clony wouldn’t check for that since it’s more or less NO protection. but then there seems to be a type of cd-check that IS a form of copy protection, and i don’t mean securom or safedisk2 (in those cases i’d assume clony would tell me of those). and this cd-check would be caught by clony and have me burn accordingly, with subchannels and all.

this is just my conclusion. i can’t figure out any other reason why clonyxxl doesn’t show cd-checks for several games when i’ve read otherwise on the net. otherwise, what would be the point of detecting a cd-check if you could burn it like you would any other data cd? makes me think that the only reason for specifying if a game has a vanilla cd-check is in case people wanted to use a no-cd.

hope this isn’t too many questions! i have downloaded yaps and tccd just for a second and third opinion.


cd checks will sometimes check to make sure that the source data for the game is being pulled from the same drive it was installed in. sometimes they check the volume name on the cd. sometimes they do crc checks (i forget what this means) but basically, it comes down to checking files sizes, i believe. other cd checks are actually ATIP checks, which have been discussed many times.